Friday, October 31, 2008

Part II- Once a Month Shopping

Here is the second part of my last weeks shopping trip for the month of October. Although I initially planned not to shop during the month of November I have learned that our family "Thanksgiving Dinner" will be hosted at our house this year. I will need to create a dinner list and shop for Thanksgiving.

Here is what I purchased for a grand total of $93.48. This shopping trip along with this one should allow us the eat cut back on trips to the grocer.

Into the freezer.

Just about everything is put away...

The cabinet over the stove is done.
And the dry goods cabinet by the stove.
Wheew! I'm glad that's done. Good thing for me, I picked up some frozen meatballs and fries for dinner for the children. Meanwhile hubby picked up some Chinese food for he and I since today (10/24/2008) is his birthday.


  1. I'm really enjoying reading about your once a month shopping. I am thinking we could probably do this and it would sure cut back our bill since I tend to impulse buy something every time we go to the store.

  2. Could you tell what is that silver thingy hanging off your kitchen cabinet? Is that radio? I was wondering what kind? And by what company? If you could, please describe! Thank you! )))

  3. yor husband was born in 1993?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. That was a typo. We celebrated his b-day on 10/24/2008 but he was born 10/24/73

    Thanks. I corrected my post.

  6. The gray thingy is a radio/cd player. We had to attach it to the cabinet with screws.

    It's made by GPX

  7. Thank you very much! ))) Lena.


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