Monday, October 20, 2008

CLR Tackle: Bathroom

Welcome to the CLR Tackle It Tuesday! Today's tackle is in conjunction with the CLR giveaway over at The makers of CLR challenged us to clean our kitchen's and bathrooms using their product. So I signed up to receive my bottle and below are my results.

I started with the bathroom sink.

A few rust and hard water stains.

CLR worked pretty good although I still need to figure out how to tackle that brown rust.

A bit or dirt and soap scum around the faucets.

Viola! All gone.

Now on to the shower head.

I'm glad that's gone.

This was the bathroom drain before...
and after.


Now on to the yucky part...the toilet. These screws are so old and rusty.

Although I now that the brown stuff is just rust, I still get grossed out by this.

But, CLR came to the rescue.

I was very pleased with the overall results of CLR, however it did not do a great job on the scum build up from my tub. In addition, CLR has a strong chemical scent that turned me off.

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  1. I agree with you about the odor, I can't use it at all. It does do a nice job though.

  2. Great tackle and great review:-)

  3. Wow...that looks amazing! Great job!


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