Monday, October 13, 2008

Step #1 To a Healthier You

Taking care of our bodies is a real important task. However, it can be difficult in today’s times. Sometimes I feel as though I am older than I really am. I feel as though I am forty years old but according to my RealAge Test results, I am twenty-nine years old. My actual age is thirty-one years old. I was not that surprised by the result, however because I am a mother of four children who still depend on me I believe that my role requires alot of energy.

Most times I believe the most of my fatigue results when I have a extra busy day or when I don't get enough sleep. I found that rest and excercise were the most useful information provided with my results. With so many things screaming for my attention I sometimes forget to rest.

Take the RealAge Test today and find out what your RealAge is. I would love for you to share your results.


The biological age of your body could be older or younger than your actual age. This based on how well you have maintained your body. Take the RealAge Test! It's Free!, and after taking the test, you can also get more information on how to lower your bodies age as well. This great resource can help motivate you to take the steps to look and feel younger.


1 comment:

  1. Guess I'm old. I'm 29 and it says my real age is 34. Good thinkg I don't worry about my age :-)


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