Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a Blessing

I am so excited about the package that just came in the mail. I entered a contest and won a apron from Amelia's It is so pretty and feminine. The only apron that I owned was this one. After making it I decided that yarn was to heavy of a material for the type of Apron I wanted, so I didn't make another. I am so happy. Please visit Amelia's to check out more of her selection.

What's great about her aprons is that the length is very long which leaves alot of material to gather into a satchel to transposrt tomatoes fresh of of the vine. It's also good for wiping crumbs from your toddlers mouth. I really love the print which features children playing. I am so glad that I won.

Here's a peek at what I've baked since I recieved my apron...

Sub rolls for dinner

and some Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes for dessert. This recipe is courtesy of my friend the Apron Lady.


  1. That is a very cute apron! I myself have been in an apron mood lately, and have bought several patterns (at the 99¢ sale) - I have yet to make them though. That will probably by my next project, after a Welcome home banner, that is.

    Congrats on the win!

    ~ Rebekah

  2. Oh, and the rolls and cupcakes look SO yummy! :-)

  3. Oh, Hadias!!! I'm so glad you one one of them.. that's awesome!!

    God bless,

  4. Congratulations on the new apron! The baked goods look yummy.....btw, what is your recipe for making the buns (if you don't mind sharing)?

    many thanks,


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