Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Thorn in My Side

This is the blessed blanket that my husband and children love to leave on my couch. It gets so chilly in our downstairs den that my lovely family finds it necessary to pull this King Sized down comforter from the closet in order to keep warm while watching television.

I am not saying that I want them to freeze or anything...I just wish that they would put it away each evening or at least fold it and lay it nicely on the couch. But this would be asking to much. I have been told by my husband, that putting away the blanket doesn't make sense since he is only going to need it again tomorrow. Well then should we not brush our teeth, since they are only going to get dirty again tomorrow? Or should I not do laundry every morning, since the basket will only be filled again by sundown?

I guess in those instances his reasoning would become null since they would violate his code of acceptable hygiene standards.

Nevertheless, I fold and put away this blanket day after day awaiting the return of warm days when there will be no more drafty dens or a need for a cozy blanket.


  1. Dear Sister,

    I feel your pain! LOL I have one of those two and no matter how much I remind everyone to fold it and drape it dramatically(ha ha) over the sofa, it usually ends up looking exactly like yours. Then I remind myself that one day, all those people will be in their own homes and I'll miss walking pass that ruffled blanket, so now I'm learning to just leave it alone and go for that rustic, lived in look! LOL

  2. My Dh refuses to make the bed for the same reasons. It drives me nuts!! I just make it and keep quiet cause a made bed amkes me happy.

  3. LOL Oh, these little things - aren't they the ones we resent the most? Every day I have to put the same things away, or wipe the toothpaste out of the sink basin, or wipe the whiskers off the sink. Bah.

  4. Hadias, I was laughing out loud reading this post! I have the SAME ISSUE here only my husband seems to need three or four blankets and will even throw one on the floor for the cats! I want to get one of those coffee tables that looks like a trunk. We used to have one and I could just stuff the blankets in there in the morning and he could pull them out at night and it was easy.

  5. I agree!! It's like they are incapable of folding a blanket!! Great tackle.


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