Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bulk Buying Yeast

When I first considered buying in bulk, I thought it would be extremely difficult. We were already stretching our budget as far as it could go. So even the thought of spending $18.00 on 25 ponds of rice was a bit hard to swallow.

After much research I learned that it would be easier for us if we started out small. We begin to look for the cheapest way to prepare meals and kept a list of our cheapest meals.

By eating these same sorts of meals for about a month, we began to accumulate a surplus of cash. This was used to make our first bulk purchase.

We've now found creative ways to keep our bulk items replenished. We stock up at income tax time. In addition a portion of the money that I make from blogging goes towards a bulk buying surplus. However, from time to time we build a surplus by eating just our cheapest meals.

Below is one of our most cost affective bulk buys.

Active Dry Yeast

Each 3 pack cost any where from .79 cents to $1.39

I began looking for a cheaper alternative, but all I found was this 4 ounce jar for $3.29

Finally, I read this article "Save Money On Buying Yeast". Now I buy yeast in bulk. I purchase (2) 1 pound bags from Sam's club for a little over four dollars.

I store the bulk of my yeast in the freezer. A small portion goes into the canning jar and is stored in the fridge.

Do you buy in bulk? Have you considered buying in bulk? How do you budget for bulk purchases?

I would love to hear your response.


  1. I keep all my yeast in the freezer and just use it directly from there - works great, no need to thaw it out...

  2. Our bulk buying is similar to yours. We stock up on dry goods and cleaning supplies etc at tax time. I would love to get an extra feezer to take advanteage of sales on meat but right now we really have no room. We did recently get about 9 pounds of ground beef on sale for .99 a pound and that was great. We've just about used it up now.


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