Sunday, October 19, 2008

Menu Plan Monday~Bulk Shopping Week

I hope that you were able to stock up on all of the free after rebate cold medicine at Rite-Aid last week. That was a really great offer. Thanks Rite-Aid. This week I will be going to Sam's Club to do some bulk shopping. I will share pictures and prices when I get back. I will also share the benefits of shopping at warehouse stores as well.

Below is my dinner menu for the week.

Sunday-Nachos and Salad

Monday-Chicken fried Rice

Tuesday-Enchiladas with Spanish Rice and Beans

Wednesday-Baked Chicken, Steamed Rice and veggies (Grocery Shopping)

Thursday-Breaded chicken patties with fries

Friday-Baked Fish with steamed veggies
Warehouse stores...hate them or love them? I'd love to here your response.


  1. I like warehouse store but try to stay away because I over spend when I do go. I find myself buying things I never needed.

  2. This can be so true. I am contemplating buying something that I've never purchased in bulk before...Celestail Seasons tea bags. They are my favorite tea bags. They cost about $8.00 for 6 boxes I believe.

    Well, one box at the grocer cost $3 and change, so I'm thinking that it would be a good deal.

    It can challenging not to get carried away when buying bulk items.

  3. I tend to stay away from warehouse stores even though I shop only once a month. I have tried them in the past, but I just don't find that it saves much money. I'd love to hear about your experiences though, because I'm always willing to reconsider.

    Your menu for the week sounds delicious.

  4. I do both warehouse and regular grocery store shopping - sometimes I find great deals at the warehouse store, but sometimes when I break things down to per-unit cost, they are actually cheaper at the plain old grocery store. I follow the numbers!

  5. Following the numbers is definitely the key to saving. If your spending more to buy large quantities then it would really defeat the purpose. I will post about my shopping trip to Sam's sometime next week.

  6. I made a price book to determine what are better deals at Sams and what are better deals with coupons at the regular stores. I'm doing my Sams shopping Sunday and I can't wait!


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