Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bath Time=Stress Relief

Each week I like to plan something special for m children. I try to come up with activities that will help them to wind down from a long week of school. One of the first things that I do to end a long stressful week is to plan a soothing twenty-minute bubble bath for each of my children. In my home baths are a special treat that we do not get to take advantage of on a day-to-day basis. We normally take showers because they are quicker and easier to manage for a family of six.

On the Friday nights when I do give, those baths I like to add products that give off a relaxing scent and products that include skin-soothing ingredients such as natural plant extract and oils. One product I particular that I have been researching has been Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath sold by Mustela. Their products seem to be specifically designed with children in mind. Although my children are getting older, I find that I am still concerned about what chemicals their skin is exposed to.

The bubble bath products are $10 for a 6.7-ounce bottle. I was also used the product ‘Recommendation Tool’ under the ‘Parents Corner’ link to find information on other products, such a baby wipes. I still purchase baby wipes for my children, which I use when we are out and about. For some strange reason, dried white milk mustaches magically appear just as we are pulling into the church parking lot. So having a wet wipe is always helpful for last minute cleanups.

Taking this extra step to plan calming activities helps teach my children how to relax and also how to pamper their stresses away.


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