Friday, July 25, 2008

Make Your Selection Now

I will be resuming the The Blogger Book Club on August 11, 2008. It will be hosted here. For those who have never participate or just in case you forgot, please be sure to review the rules for participation.

There is no commitments for joining the club. You can join or leave when it's convienient for you. I would like to have at least ten participant prior to August 11, 2008 for the sake of making the converstaions interesting. So, please take a moment to post about the book club on your blog.

This time I will be allowing my participating readers to vote on the next book from the options below. Each participant gets one vote. Use the following links the review the books and then come back and cast your vote. We will begin reading on August 11th, 2008. This should give you plenty of time to blog about the 'Blogger Book Club' so that your readers can join the fun.

I am really looking forward to reading the next selection with you all.


1*How to Live, Saving and Wasting; or, Domestic economy illustrated by the life of two families of opposite character, habits, and practices ... including the story of ‘A dime a day’ (1860)

2*The Hazeley Family by A.E. Johnson

3*Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper

Please leave a comment with your desired choice.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Blogger Book Club Guidelines

For those who are reading with us for the first time, allow me to explain what the club is and how it works.

A "Blogger Book Club" is when blog friends get together and read the same book for a specified period of time. I begin by choosing a book that can be accessed free of charge on-line. After the book is chosen I will keep a link to the book posted my left sidebar so that you can access from here.

Each Monday I will post a reading plan, which will indicate what chapters we will read for that week. On the following Friday I will post discussion questions here on this site. The questions will pertain to the weeks reading. At that time you can post a response to the question on your blog or here on my blog. For those who decide to respond on their own blogs, please leave a link to your posts url in your comment so that all of the readers view your response. If you decide not to answer the weekly question/s, you can just leave a comment.

Anyone in the book club can respond to the question/s.

Book club question will be listed every Friday and will look like this:

Example Book Club Questions:

1. (Name of Book) has given us a few perspectives on simple living, please share your ideas on simplicity?

2. What might be some of the benefits of living a simpler life?

Example Book Club Comments:

Sarah said: This is in response to question #1- One of my goals for this year is to live a more simpler life. What I have done is gotten rid of all but one of our televisions. We now only have one in the family room, so instead of every one heading to there rooms and watch T.V. we watch it together in the family room.

Rita said: Question 2- Peace of mind.

Sue said: I am enjoying the book club. I have met so many great new people.

A link to the book can always be found on my sidebar. Finally, please consider creating a short post with a link to this site regarding the 'Blogger Book Club'. Thanks for joining and happy reading.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blogger Book Club Coming Soon

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. I will be posting soon regarding a new book for the Blogger Book Club. If you are interested in joining let me know. Also please leave a suggestion for a book that you may be interested in reading together.