Thursday, October 23, 2008

Once a Month Shopping

I went to Kroger this week to stock up on meats and pantry staples. I spent $98.35 and this is what I bought.

18 lbs or 12 packs of Perdue chicken breast @ $36.00 ($1.99 a lb.)

6 packs or 11 lbs. of Tyson chicken wings @ $14.68 ($1.29 a lb.)

8 boxes of Celestial Seasonings Tea 20 ct. 10/$10 ($8.00)

3~ 16oz. packages of shredded cheese ($8.97)
4~16 oz. packages of dried beans and peas @ $1.09 ea. ($4.36)

Raisin Bran for Hubby $2.50 and 2 boxes of snack cakes for the children 10/$10 ($2.00)

4 lbs of peanut butter @ $5.49 and Yogurt @ $1.99
My mother-in-love blessed me with 2 loaves of bread and two packs of buns. Also, when my daughter was taking her Physical Education class at the YMCA, there was a lady in her class that bought bread for everyone. Her husband works at a bread company and she gives it away at the YMCA classes that she attends. So my daughter brought home sour dough and (not shown) cinnamon raisin.

Below is my beef purchase.

7.37 pounds of ground chuck at $1.86 a pound=$13.70 a pound
divided into thirds

5 sections are wrapped and bagged for the freezer and one goes into the fridge for tonight's dinner.

Finally, the freezer is half way filled. there was only about 5 pounds of flour in there, 1 pound of dry yeast and two frozen gallon jugs of water. Now I have enough meat to begin pre-cooking some meals for November.

I'll finish up my monthly shopping by heading over to Sam's and Aldi tomorrow. I'll pick up some ground turkey, fish and some bulk pantry items. This is my first time planning a menu for 30 days and I am really excited about not having to go grocery shopping every week during the month of November.
Have you ever shopped for the entire month at one time?
What has been your experience with OAMC (once a month cooking) or OAMS (once a month shopping)?


  1. super job! the tea was certainly a great deal. and wow the peanut butter was a steal!

  2. I love both of your blogs. Ver insperational. May God bless you and yours.

  3. Great job. You got such a great deal on that chicken.

    I love OAMC and OAMS. Both make my life so much easier. The 7-10 days I spend devoted to shopping and cooking means that the rest of the month I can spend my time entirely devoted to my husband and kiddos, with a few other chores thrown in here and there.

  4. I pretty much shop only once a month...sometimes I go longer than a month between shopping trips. I love it. A freezer is pretty much the best invention since sliced bread from a bread machine. :-D Usually my grocery bill for such trips hovers around $100. I'm sure that will go up though as my baby gets older and begins devouring "real" food along with us adults. I've never tried OAMC though, although it's tempting to try!

  5. I have not shopped for 30 days in advance, but how nice. You are saving lots of money too! Awesome!

  6. Fantastic shop, Hadias! :D Frugal: highest quality at the best price!

    I do the same with my hamburger. I just spoke with my husband about once again getting a freezer. I've been using my side by side for some years, since my last freezer went kaput. The side by side is sufficient for our monthly needs, however, I'm thinking of doing some additional freezing of berries and what not; plus taking advantage of meat sales when they arise.

  7. Oh, and I must send kudos to Lena! Your heading and the coordinating background is simply beautiful! Calming, and an enjoyable place to be. :)


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