Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are NoseBleeds Worth theTrouble?

My sweet husband, the wonderful man that he is, has been blessed in the past to get tickets to two college football games and a pro basketball game. He is interested in purchasing two season tickets , but I have a few reasons why I believe it's not a good investment to settle for nosebleeds.

Of the three games that we've attended, two of them were nosebleed seats so high up, that I still could not make out the players even with my glasses on. When we've had nosebleed seating in the past no one but my husband was able to enjoy the game since we could not see well, it was hard to follow. My husband seemed to enjoy himself despite the lack of clarity, although I think that it was attributed to his addiction...I mean admiration for sports.

I noticed that some of the other people had already knew what to expect and had come prepared with binoculars like the ones sold through sites like Free ATB Pro While I sat through the game trying to distinguish one player from another, I wondered "why in the world would someone but tickets to sit this far away from the football field?"

Is it for the shear privilege of being able to say that you were actually at the game? Another thing that makes the cost of the tickets seem outrages compared to the benefit is the amount of time it takes to get to the stadium and then to your seats. It felt as though we had waited in traffic for over and hour before parking. We then had to walk for about twenty to thirty minutes before we arrived at our seats.

Maybe my lack of interest in sports has caused me to be a little biased. I don't know.
What do you think. Is nosebleed seating worth the trouble?

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