Saturday, November 1, 2008


If you are looking to cut back expenses this year, than start by looking for opportunities to lower you cable bill. When is the last time you researched a better deal on your services? Well, now is as good a time as any. Head over to the Charter website to compare what you have to what they can offer. You can find the link right here on my page. While you are there enter for a chance to win an Xbox360 Pro.

Start by clicking on the following link to enter the Charter Communications Xbox Sweepstakes. Charter is giving away a one Xbox everyday until December 15th for anyone who signs up for their service online. However the sweet part of the offer is that there is no purchase necessary to win. If you visit the site you can enter to win as well.

I have considered using charter services earlier this year. Their prices were lower than what I was paying then and the service was comparable. However, charter was not offered in my area. Therefore, check to see if charter is offered in your area because potential winners must live in an area that offers Charter services to qualify for the XBox.

If you are already in the market to switch cable or internet providers visit the site and see what they have to offer. With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, now is definitely a great time to reduce expenses. You could walk away saving on your services and winning and Xbox360.

Here is the run down on the prize: If you win you will receive the XBox 360® Pro Console. This is the one we have chosen to purchase for our family Christmas gift this year. It comes with an XBox LIVE Headset, Wireless Controller, Component HD AV Cable and a 20Gb Detachable Hard Drive. If you are in the market for an Xbox, than this is the one you want. If you win this prize package, all that you would need to purchase in order to get started would be the Wireless controller charger and a game or two.

Christmas is on it's way and I am looking for every legitimate opportunity to save money and score some free gifts.


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