Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kmart Sale

A great place to begin Christmas shopping is at Kmart. There stores have always been budget friendly and you can get a variety of gifts all in one place. Now through December will be taking an additional 10% off of your online purchases on the following key categories:

- womens plus sleepwear
- womens attention brand
- girls tops
- ALL juniors
- boys tops
- mens shirts and bottoms
- big mens shirts and bottoms
- infant and toddler bedding

This is a great time to purchase pajamas and clothes for family and friends. Not only does Kmart offer alrady low sale prices they are including the 10% discount if you shop from home. These items will have the online only discount from now through December 26th.

One of Kmart's most popular items is the Attention Women's Kimono Wrap Sweater. With this purchase you'll get an extra 10% off if you purchase it online. There's also the Abbey Hill bedding Medallion Dream bedding collection where, if purchased online you'll get an extra 30% off. The sale price will be shown in the cart after you make you item and quantity selection.

Also, Look for the Hidden ornaments throughout every week through to Christmas. These ornaments provide us with extra savings on already great prices with a secret coupon code! I will definitely be looking for these. I am still holding out on purchasing my children's X-Box. If I can use a coupon code to save a little bit on that purchase it would be great.

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  1. I had no idea Kamrt did a hidden ornament thing. I just do not get to the stores like I used to. Im lucky if I get to KMart once a month and its only down the road from me. I get to Walmart about once every two months. I need to get out and do some shopping but it isnt much fun with my kids and my grandkids along! :(

    I'll have to start taking my weekends. Im not big on online shopping cause I hate using my credit card! :)

  2. I couldn't agree more. Kmart is definitely a one stop shopping destination for all of your Christmas needs. And the prices? Wow! They enable you to really be Santa Claus to everyone you want to.

    Thanks for the great reminder and the great post!


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