Friday, November 28, 2008

$250 Gift Card from Charter

There are a ton of ways to ave during this black friday weekend. Even the cable and telephone companies are trying to get in on the action. Charter is offering a deal on telephone, cable and internet packages. One of the biggest ways to save money on your budget is to begin by cutting cost on these three items. I am one of those people that can live without cable, but for those of you who are not....such as my husband, bundling your package may be a great advantage to lowering your expenses.

The ultimate frugal option is to just do without all of these services. However, if your finances are in order than why not get these services for the lowest price possible? If you buy Charter’s Ultimate Bundle you will get $250 gift card! After making your purchase, you will be sent a gift card and also be entered to win 1 of 45 X-Box 360 Game consoles.


Charter Communications Ultimate Service Bundle cost $165.97 and you get High Speed cable, Digital television along with stations such as Charter High Definition, Sports View, Digital View, HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Encore, Showtime and the Movie Channel. Your phone service wil include
unlimited calling anywhere in the U.S.

The biggest benefit that sets Charter apart form the rest is the $250 Gift card with purchase and a chance to win an X-Box 360 game console. Check out the site on black friday or Cyber Monday, just keep in mind that this deal only lasts until December 5th.

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