Monday, November 3, 2008

Homemaking 101: Create a Cleaning Station

I did some rearranging in an attempt to make clean up easier for every one. I was previously using the lower kitchen cabinet to store household cleaning supplies, however I have decided to use a small narrow shelf less closet instead.
The quick oats can in the pictures contain grocery store bags. We often bring our own when grocery shopping. Anyhow, in this closet I hung screws for our brooms, aprons and lunch bag.There is also a space for my aprons.....and mop bucket. and toddler broom. These items are kept low for my little ones. On the floor of the closet is the bowl brush and disinfectant spray...Along with the steam cleaner solution.What I did next was grab a basket to fill with all of the household cleaning products likeComet...Floor cleaner for the steam machine...Pledge multi surface cleaner. This is my 2nd best recommended product.CLR that I received free for participating in the CLR challenge. This is a product that cuts right through grease. Cleaning the kitchen is so much easier with this product.Lemon-y disinfctantX-tra large scrubby pads that can be cut to size (Thanks Mother In Love)Cleaning clothes in a ziplocAnd in the brown plastic bag is the toilet plunger.
Clean-up has been so much easier for the children now that we have an oranized clean-up station rather than some things in one location and some in another.

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  1. I have my cleaning supplies under my sink, but I need to put together some kind of bin with them so I can easily carry then up and down the stairs.


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