Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Once a Month Shopping: Home Care Goods

Thank you all for stopping by and sharing how you store seasonal clothes. Now that the clothes are all packed away I need to get back to stocking our pantry's for the winter. Our food pantry is well on it's way. I now need to turn my attention to the household and hygiene pantry.

We have been purchasing personal hygiene items such as soap and tissue weekly up until this point. However I'd like to build up a storage closet with about three months worth of these items in order to eliminate weekly trips to the store.

I have gotten a lot better with impulse spending only because I spend less time shopping, watching television and looking through fliers and ads.

I really enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to hold on to a buck until I can get items that I need and want at the lowest price possible.

This month I will begin the process of stocking my attic and linen closet with personal hygiene items. My strategy is to get the items free, on sale or in bulk. I will be utilizing the Rite Aid "free after rebate" deals, sales and Sam's club.

I have allocated $40.00 a month to this task. This is in addition to the $300.00 a month we already spend on groceries.

Here is a short list of items that I will be focusing on.

Personal hygeine

Bathroom Tissue
Maxi pads/Tampons/Panty liners

Body Soap/Shower Gel





Body Moisturizers
Shaving Gel/Cream

Laundry and dishwasher detergent
Fels Naptha
Washing Powder
Baking Soda

Liquid disinfectant
Dish Soap

As I make progress I will share pictures and updates. I will also post any deals that I find that we provide an opportunity for you to stock up at a low price. Consider subscribing to this or my other blog "A Day in the Life" where I share deals each week.
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  1. I have been trying to stock up on Health and Beauty Aids (HBA) since about August. I think that we are well on our way to being stocked up for a while.

    The only thing that I might caution on is the use-by dates on toothpaste and deodorant. I never thought to look at those labels on those items before!

    I need to work harder on the household items. We really use the Borax and Baking Soda...

    Love your blog!

  2. Thank you for coming by my are an inspiration! I've just gotten really purposeful about my once-a-month shopping so it was great to read about how you go about it!

  3. We have a great stock of soaps, shampoo, etc that we've been building for a while utilizing CVS deals and their extra bucks too. I've been missing out on the rebates at Rite Aid though, so I am going to start using those as well.

    I really appreciate all of the effort you put into both of your blogs. I am inspired, amused or uplifted on every single visit.

  4. Thanks MamaJulianna. In my enthusiasm to get started I did overlook expiration dates. I will be on the lookout so that we are not using outdated products. I am trying to keep everything organized based on the FIFO (first in first out)method.

    I've just gotten purposeful myself Cyndy. I had to first get organized enough to do it. Now I am on a roll.

    I have considered using CVS as well Melinda However it is a bit out of my way. I also try to consider the amount of gas that I use traveling for store to store for deals. However, I have not dismissed CVS though. They do have some really great deals.

  5. That is a great idea! I need to find some storage to be able to stock pile my food supplies, and toiletries! I sell Mary K products so I use a lot of those for soaps and stuff, but toilet paper and the other stuff would be great to have on hand! I will be visiting your site often to see how you get things for so cheap! I am going to start needing that with the new baby!

    I am very excited to have the baby...I am just nervous to actually deliver her! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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