Saturday, January 3, 2009

What Are They Interested In?

As a mom of four children toddlers to teenagers I feel like it is important for me to stay abreast of the movies, television shows and music that is constantly being marketing to our children.

I find myself viewing movies, television shows and music now as a critic, not only on behalf of my family but others as well. I have submitted over fifty movie reviews online in November and December alone.

I often check websites that offer music reviews before allowing the children to even listen to many songs. These days with a fifteen year old I find myself heading over to the Pop Music Reviews section to see what the latest music artist spewing out.

Music, movies and television shows are a big part of our society, however, I think that it is an important practice to become familiar with what is being marketed to our youth. With the information that I gather I am able to help guide them in choosing entertainment that will encourage them to be better and to do better.

There are many sites available that will give you detailed information regarding movies, music and television shows. With internet access we can access the information at a click of a button...or hyperlink.

What means do you use to educate yourself on the content of youth music, movies and television?


  1. I really like the focus on the family review site.

    Also, I'm active in writing forums and screenwriting sites, so I usually hear the "buzz" about the writer's/directors before the ads for a show hit the TV. It's a different look but knowing who's involved in a project is a surprisingly good way to discern if it's even worth looking up or not!

  2. Here is a good site to review movies by if you are interested. I know I really enjoy using it.

  3. Pluggedinonline is one of my first choices for movies, television and dvd. There are times when they don't carry some of the movies (such as B movies) and I use other resources. Thanks for stopping by and for your feedback.


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