Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How do you Celebrate?

I must admit that I have not given any of my children and birthday party since my fifteen year old turned one. That's right...fifteen years ago I was a new mother who had no friends who had children. I decided to jot down some 1st birthday party ideas and perused the party stores for the perfect decorations. I poured so much time and effort into the party and hardly any children were there.

Many of my friends, who like I said just did not have children at the time. Since then I swore of birthday parties. Don't get me wrong...three of my four children have had birthday parties in their life times, they were just not hosted by me.

My mother in law throws the parties and gets all of her friends to bring their grandchildren. It blows my mind.

Fifteen years later and many of my friends are parents and I'm thinking of hosting a birthday party this year for at least one of my children. It will probably be my five year old since he has never had a birthday party. Plus his birthday will give me till December to plan.

I haven't a clue where to start. I'm not good at decorating or planning social gatherings and as a wife I am totally lacking in the area of hospitality. So I will be soliciting advice, and scouring the web in an effort to learn all that I can about how to host a frugal birthday party without losing my mind.

Suggestions welcome.


  1. I usually start by picking a theme that interests the birthday person. Then I'll browse under that topic for cakes, party game or craft ideas, etc. Have fun with it and be sure to post pictures!

  2. I ditto the theme idea. Everything sort of flows from that. We have done everything from the train theme for our son (when he was 2 - 15 years ago) to the Total Tea Party for our daughter. Everything was usually homemade, (invitations, decorations, etc.,) and it was FUN to plan. You can be as fancy or as plain as you like. You will definitely find both extremes on the internet. Have fun! Ditto the picture posting too!

  3. Hiya,

    Love your blog...Think its fab!

    I have 4 children ranging from ages 8 - 18 and I love to throw a kids party for every occasion.
    In my experience the good ole traditional party wins hands down every time...and (weather permitting) Bouncy castle.

    Just make it as fun as possible and the kids will love it!

  4. I've had a birthday party since my little one was born, but your soo... right. It's tons of work plus it can get costly. I'm thinking about just having a small get together this year. Thanks so much for stopping by my place. Have a great weekend!


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