Monday, January 19, 2009

CVS: Try it...You'll Love it

Using Extra Bucks to earn Extra Bucks is the way in which I shop at CVS. I buy more than just Extra Buck earning products; however when I shop my primary goal is to never pay more than $2 out of pocket per purchase.

Extra Bucks are just like cash at CVS. They are coupons printed by the CVS cash register that can be used towards select purchases. In order to mulitply your EB's you must match them with EB items and then reduce your cost by matching the EB items with coupons.

If you are new to shopping CVS using Extra Buck, below is a really simple scenario to get your feet wet.

Transaction #1
Children's Throat Cooler Ice-Pops 6ct. $4.99 ea. (limit 2) Get $4.99
Buy 2 boxes & print a buy-one-get-one FREE printable coupon exp. Jan 31,2009
Total after coupon: $4.99+tax

Get back $9.98 EB's ($4.99 per box)
**stop here or move on to the next transaction**

Transaction #2
Naso Gel spray $7.99 (limit 2)
St. Ives skin Care $2.99
.33 candy at register

Balance: $11.31 + tax

Pay in this order
-$9.98 Extra Buck
-$2 off St.Ives

pay remaining tax out of pocket
Get back $7.99 EB's
**stop here or move on to the next transaction**

Transaction #3
CVS 24 hr. Allergy Relief $3.79 (limit 2)
buy 2 $7.58
add add a filler item...I usually get a roll of Toilet paper .89

balance $8.47 + tax

Pay with $7.99 EB
Pay the tax with cash
Get back $7.58 in EB's
**stop here or create your own Transaction #4 **

When you become more comfortable with grouping items to maximize your EB's savings you can combine many more items.

To see more scenarios on how to use $5 cash to earn more EB's visit Alyssa's blog by clicking the image below

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