Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Make Me Feel Beautiful

I have struggled for a long time with the idea of having plastic surgery. I struggle with being able to accept some of the physical features that I consider to be abnormalities.

Since I am bringing up this topic then should take the opportunity to be candid. I have bunions. Huge ones that make wearing many shoes and sandals out of the question for me. I long to wear a strapless shoe but would not dare to offend anyone with the sight. In addition to that, my feet have no arch...completely flat which makes for an unsightly display in strapless sandals.

The description that I've given may be blown out of portion from my personal point of view however; the opinion is one that I live with. Would having a doctor break the bones in my foot to reconstruct it to my specifications make me a better Christian, wife or mother?

Definitely not.

Why then do I want to have the surgery. Simply because it's available. Probably so that I can feel normal when I take me shoes off at the beach. I have a friend who has had the surgery. She spent six weeks in a boot shortly before the summer, but by the summer those toes were freshly manicured and fabulously displayed in a stunning pair of strapless sandals. Ohhh...the envy.

I was even more motivated to have the surgery. Deep down inside it's just a superficial desire to fit in. Who wants to stand out, but I guess it's what keeps me human. The knowing that I am not perfect helps keep God in perspective in my life. It reminds me that only He can make me perfect both inside and out.

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