Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Kitchen Cabinets

This lower cabinet is positioned between my refrigerator and stove. It hold all of our plates, children tea mugs and plastic tumblers. There are about four of every item. We have a 1-2 extras in case of guest. I began paring down my dishes to 1. make more room for food storage and 2. minimize the amount of dirty dishes that were being accumulated throughout the day. The top shelf hold recycled food storage containers for left overs.

This cabinet is somewhat of a catch all for useful day-to day items. The top shelf is my charity storage area. So far there's 2 cans of soup and 1 box of cereal. Once it's full will donate it to our church food pantry were they'll use it to feed the less fortunate in the community.

The next shelf is our mini office area. On the left you'll find yellow pages, the church directory, Christmas card in the process of being addressed and mailed. To the right on the middle shelf is my homemaking binder and the white thing beside my binder is our updated homework helper.
The bottom shelf has medicine on the left and school/craft supplies on the right.

This is the weirdest cabinet in my kitchen. It is set of in the corner of my kitchen and has a lot of space way in the back but no lighting . This is the opening to the cabinet.

and below is the back, which is so awkward to get to. I store food and kitchen gadgets in here.

The cabinet below holds glassware, china (in the back) and cake pans.

The cabinet below holds baking items and spices. The white canisters hold rice, flour and homemade cocoa mix. They are recycled Whey Protein containers like the one you see on the middle shelf. When the protein is done I wash the container and use it for dry ingredients. One the lower shelf you'll find the spices to the right and the baking itms to the left.

The cabinet below is directly over my stove. I keep my cookbooks and a few of the the children's reading books on the right. On the left is exra cereal boxes, pasta sauce and paper towels.

This is the dry goods/breakfast cabinet below. You'll find pastas, grits, cereal, oats, sugar, powdered milk, dried fruit and tea.

All 16 of these cereal boxes below are inconspicuosly stored behind all of the items I just showed you. I keep a pantry list in my HomeMaking Binder. It help keep track of what I have since I am prone to things away out of sight.
I hope that you've enjoyed this little glimpse into my kitchen. Thank you for dropping by.


  1. I noticed you have alot of boxtops on you cereal! Do you save them for anyone?

  2. i enjoyed seeing your cabinets! i wish my webcam could reach into the kitchen so i could show mine but it's stuck in the bedroom and we don't want to that! lol

  3. That's a good question Grits Girl.
    I actually do save the box tops and donate them to my children's schools.

  4. I really like the idea of paring down your dishes. We have too many. I think I will make that a project while packing for our move.

  5. Lovely organization! I need to pare down more.


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