Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Bookshelf

Below is a summary of some other things that I am reading. Most of them dealing with Homemaking in some form or fashion.

Homemaking is an absolute necessary part of growing up. It is something that I purposefully teach my children. I admit that my daughters will receive more in-depth training than my sons, but all will be acquainted with the care of the home before leaving to begin their adult lives. I have been reading many resources regarding the care of the home and have come across a great book in which the table of contents alone could be used as a guide to create a suitable unit study in the art of homemaking.

Here is the cutest cookbook for little girls that I’ve ever seen. The book has small sized recipes designed just for little girls in mind. Allowing them to make the recipes found in this book will save on waste and allow little ones to gain a sense of accomplishment in the kitchen. The book is written by a real life little girl named Betty. She wrote the book with the help of her mother.

Here is a great reading book from the 1800’s called "Six Little Cooks" or" Aunt Jane’s Cooking Class". It is geared toward girls who are between the ages of 9-13. It reads just like a story while teaching the basic fundamentals of cooking. I will be reading this book with my daughters who are 5 and 14.

Finally, I will be reading portions of "Housekeeping" by Elizabeth Hale Gilman over the month of October.

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