Friday, September 19, 2008

Esther Ahn Kim Discussion Questions

1.What was your favorite part of this chapter?

2.What person in Ester's story did you admire most?

3.What are you thoughts on this chapter?

1. I have so many favorite parts, but one of my favorite was when Esther's mom came to the prison to take her home but told her that although she may be were her people.

I also liked the part when Esther realized that when she was on the run, how her experiences had prepared her for her time in prison. For instance, the time when she had to eat rotten apples prepared her for when her teeth had begun to fall out she was able to tolerate the taste of rotten apples to sustain her.

2. I really liked Esther's mom. She loved her, supported her and prayed for her. I just love that.

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