Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gladys Aylward:Faithful in Humility

I have gotten behind in the reading of Chapter 2, Lilias Trotter Faithful in Weakness. The last week has been very busy with a surprise visit from family, and the children starting school.

I will go back and read it on my own this week along with this weeks reading selection. This week will will begin reading Gladys Aylward, Faithful in Humility. This selection begins in chapter three.

I've not gotten alot of feedback from the participants in the reading club and would like to extend an invitation for someone to share something that they admired about Lilias Trotter?

Enjoy your week.


  1. Like you this last week has been unexpectedly busy and I am still reading through this chapter. Sorry to be so late. I have read Gladys Aylwards life story before so am looking forward to the next one. (To be honest I am still feeling a little overwhelmed by the serenity and achievements of Sarah Edwards compared to my own life!) I promise to catch up over the weekend. Gill.

  2. Now I am caught up. Lilias Trotter...I wonder what she would make of our times! I shall definitely look into seeing her artwork when next in England. Gladys Aylward; a similar inspirational story, full of adventure and faith. Quite miraculous really. Gill.

  3. I am so glad that you have gotten caught up. I purposely didn't post a reading schedule for this week in order to allow us some time to get back on track. We will start the next chapter on Monday the 15th. Happy reading.


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