Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have a busy day today and I really can't afford not to complete my To-Do's.

  1. Call the church secretary regarding using a room for April's coupon workshop (ME)
  2. Vaccum all carpeting (ALL KIDS)
  3. Sweep the laundry room (ME)
  4. Sweep the kitchen (5 year old)
  5. Sweep the lower level stairs (15 year old)
  6. Sweep the deck (5 year old)
  7. Quick wipe kitchen floor (15 & 5 year olds)
  8. Clean MB toilet (ME)
  9. Schedule remaining parent teacher conferences (ME)
  10. Cook dinner (ME & 15 year old)
  11. Relax 15 year olds hair (ME)
  12. Wash and Style my hair (ME)
  13. Wash a load of laundry (ME)
  14. Dry a load of laundry (ME)
  15. Fold laundry (6 & 5 year olds)
  16. Put away laundry (6 & 5 year olds)

There you have it. I need to get all of this done before 5:00 pm. This evening we are taking the children to Chuck E. Cheeses to celebrate the end of the district quiz year. Next we are on to regional quizing in Atlanta and World Quizing in Orlando. As you can see I have a full day today. If you get a break in your day be sure to dop me a comment.

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  1. Hello Hadias its me DeNiece from I know you have not heard from me in a while but I took a break from blogging, but I am back I had to get some things together before I started blogging again, (working on my stockpile, spending time with the children, death in the family etc) but I do manage to stop by everyday on both of your blogs and see you, I just want to make sure your back was ok from the ant bites and to say thank you for your inspirational and uplifting blogs, be blessed. Please stop by when you have time


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