Monday, March 2, 2009

Gardening with Children

The children are really looking forward to this years gardening season, so to kick it off I will be using today’s snow day to let them plant vegetable seeds.

I enjoy the fact that my children have a desire to garden and have come to grasp the notion of how veggies get from the seed to the dinner table which makes the opportunity to talk about a environmentally conscious company Safer Brand all the more important.

My children are very comfortable in the garden. They will jump at the opportunity to eat ripe fruits and vegetables immediately from the branch or vine. Which is why using the safest products around my plants is important. Keeping my children safe is one of the benefits of organic gardening.

We make our own compost and use bio-degradable resources for our choice of mulch. The children enjoy laying down layers of newspaper and pine needles in the spring. We want our plants to grow big and strong and that takes keeping away insects and enriching the soil. We have made many insect repellents and fertilizers using basic household ingredients, but for those who don’t have the time many organic products are available to meet your gardening needs.

Safer Brands has a wide selection of pesticides such as organic bug control. Having any type of garden will attract it’s fair share of bugs. In order to keep children safe from ingesting harmful chemicals, choosing organic alternatives in the garden is always a wise choice.

Showing my children that I not only want to keep them safe, but also the environment is a habit that will cultivate in them a sense of environmental responsibility.

I am looking forward to sharing our gardening experience with you throughout this year.

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