Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Organic Tomato Gardening

I was really excited to see that the weather had warmed up and it got me to thinking what a great day to start preparing the garden beds. So I grabbed my gardening gear and headed out doors.

We started by lining the garden beds with newspaper and hosing it down to keep it in place. Then we raked up most of the pine needles and used them to mulch and cover the newspaper.

While pulling some weeds, I managed to get ants onto my glove just in time for my hair to begin tickling the back of my neck. Next thing I know is that I have ants crawling down my back biting me.

That was the end of gardening for the day. Later this week I will continue by pulling up old tomato plant shoot. I'll need to purchase a few organic tomato growing kit products such as the Tomato and Vegetable Insect killer. I had a time last year pulling off the caterpillars and shooing away the daddy long legs.

I'll also need to get some new stakes like the "Stake it Easy" tomato support system offered by Safer products. I tend to choose organic resources in my garden to prevent contaminating my environment or my fruits and vegetables with harsh chemicals.

Combining the Safer products with some make-at-home solutions is a inexpensive way to
grow your garden the healthy inexpensive way.


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  1. I love tomatoes. We did some planting here too today and enjoyed teh beautiful weather. Stop by my blog to see pics of Aspen starting her garden if you have a chance.


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