Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Safer Pest Control Solutions

Anyone who gardens even a tiny bit knows that with a garden comes bugs. Since I began gardening two years ago, I have run across bugs that I never knew existed. There are the bugs that love to eat your tomato's and ones that eat away at the leaves in my flower bed, leaving behind an unsightly mess.

I have tried many homemade solutions like planting garlic in the garden as a repellent. This did repel some bugs but also invited others.

We are currently looking into some comericial option such as the Safer brand of products which claims that it's organic bug patrol kills over 40 insects.

My goal is not to kill every insect in my garden. I do however, want to rid my garden of bugs that come to destroy the all of the fruits of my labor. When I wake up to see my basil plant has been eaten while I slept I get really aggravated.

The reason that I use organic pest control in my garden is because I am concerned about what I spray on or around my vegetables. The products that I choose to use in my garden will be absorbed into the soil and eventually into my food. I try to make wise choices concerning my family which includes choosing the safest products to use in my garden.


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  1. Have you tried soap spray?

    Hand-pick any bugs you can see, then make a spray with Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap and spray the leaves. It's organic, people safe, but the bugs hate the smell and can't get to the leaves through the soap. Also the soap won't harm the plants.


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