Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nooks and Crannies

I have not been participating in many meme's this month since time and holiday obligations hadn't permitted. However I wanted to take a moment to share a few items from my home that have been very pleasing to my eye this month.

First are the crochet dishcloths that I began making as a result of the Blogger Craft Club. I have had fits and starts all throughout the year and settled in on making quick and easy crafts.

Now I'd like to share an area of my home that is very relaxing for me. This table sits beside a glider that I have had since the birth of 8 year old son. I sit here while I read, sip tea or crochet.
This next picture is my dining room table. I normally use a cake dish filled with some fresh baked sweet, as a centerpiece. However, decided to replace it with a gift that I received from my neighbor last year.

She gave me this sparkly reindeer pulling a sled at the time when she gave me this soap dispenser.

His tiny legs are arched making him appear to be in motion.
I filled his little sled with unripened tomatoes from my summer garden. They will change from green to read as the holiday progresses. What a sight to behold.
You can see one already beginning to turn red.

The reindeer sled is flanked by a gold pillar candle on either side. I also added a glass vase filled with fall and Christmas foliage.
I tied a satin and tulle ribbon around the vase and added artificial flowers around the base of the golden pillar candles.

Everything is nestled atop a place mat featuring a Cherubim gazing toward the heavens. This would also look especially nice with some white batting or cotton to act as snow.

I hope that you've enjoyed my show & tell. For more please visit Kelli at There's no Place Like Home


  1. I love the crochet dishcloths, I had never seen notinhg like that before.
    The reindeer sled is beautiful. I love it. But I also liked the idea of your centrepiece with fresh baked sweet. It is very original.

  2. Beautiful! The green color in the sleigh is just the RIGHT color contrast to make it so pretty.

    My show n tell this week is a holiday story...come by if you can find some time, won't you? Happy weekend.

  3. I just love your sleigh! It looks so delicate.

  4. What a wonderful vignette! So Merry and it looks rather elegant too.
    I hope you have an enjoyable day!

  5. OOHHH---lovely decoarition and you have motivated me to make some dishclothes!


  6. Hi, I enjoyed your Show and Tell!

    I see that you homeschool. I am currently just homeschooling my 13 yo dd. She is dual-enrolled, which means she goes to Jr. High for Math.

    Do use a boxed curriculum with your 14 yo? How do you handle that age with homeschooling? Please excuse the nosy questions, but I am new to jr. high age homeschooling and wonder what others are doing.

    I hope that you are enjoying the Season!

  7. I would find a bag filled with lovely crochet dishcloths pleasing too! The Blogger Craft club sounds like fun! Your Reindeer is beautiful and I like how you've made it useful by storing tomatoes plus they'll look right in season with the festivities when they turn red!


  8. I especially liked your crochet dishcloths - can never get too many of those, and the glass containers full of pinecones, great idea!

  9. I have a friend who makes dish cloths like that. And I love the beautiful sleigh.
    Linda C

  10. I too try to have a quiet place for books and tea. I like your decorations. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your pictures inspire me. I'm sure I have some pretties tucked away that I hadn't even considered filling and using as decorations. I love the sleigh.

  12. Love it! Now want she be my neighbor.


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