Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bringing Order to Chaos

We have been visiting with our family and friends. We have been shopping for last minute gifts. We have been to an unexpected funeral and our home had begun to revealed all of the tell tale signs. I have been given some interior decorating items by my wonderful mother in love and some clothes, purses and accessories by one of my good friends.

When I came home last night I thought of one of Tyler Perry's actors from the Medea's movies. The one that I'm referring to is Mr. Brown. He has a famous sayings that came to my mind when I looked at my home.

In the wise words of Mr.Brown...."I said to myself..."self?" and self replied..."huh?"

That's when I told self that we needed to get this house cleaned up ASAP.

This is my living room before....

This is my living room after....

This is my bedroom before...

and this is my bedroom after...

Thanks Mr.Brown.


  1. good job. everything looks so nice now. i know that "self" feels much better now.

  2. Nice job tackling! It's amazing how things get so cluttered when we're on the run.
    Happy Holidays! :-D

  3. Super tackle. Don't it feel great. You inspirid me. Self, "Get off the computer and get 'er done!"

  4. My house looked a lot like yours over the past few days, one of the reasons I took a bloggy break to get caught up. It dirves me crazy when things are in disarray and it feels so good to get it back in order!


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