Thursday, February 5, 2009

Incorperating Game Time in Learning

My newest favorite website is MEGA Brands Kids Zone. This site gets a thumbs up for variety and graphics. The games are simple to play and the website is easy to navigate.

The games are based on the Mega brand toys, with names such as King Arthur, Struxx and Neo Shifters. My favorite game happens to me "Legend of King Arthur" which takes you through different realms of King Arthur's kingdom. You must fight battles in order to gain shields.

The controls are designed for young players ages four through eight years old. What makes this site great as well is the "Family Fun" tab. Under this tab you can search for activities by type, category and age group.

As a home school mom to elementary students, I am often at a loss for good educational games. Resources such as this one is invaluable in keeping a fresh variety in our home school curriculum.

Each activity under the activity finder tab comes with a printable sheet that tells you a theme for the activity as well as the values being taught. In addition, there is a easy to follow step by step guide included with each activity.

One of my favorite is the activity for age group 3-5 which is called "How Tall Are You?" In this particular game, you have your toddler stack blocks until they reach his or her height. My son and I have played that game many times.

If you are looking for fun, educational site for your children ages 3-9, I would higly recommend that you visit the Mega Brands Kid Zone.


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