Tuesday, August 25, 2009

With Your Whole Heart

I am often amazed and yet saddened by some of the comments I hear so called believers make. I do not intend to stand in judgment of any ones walk of faith. We all must "work out our on salvation with fear and trembling". Each of us must determine what we will believe and in who we will place our trust.

The question of whether or not we believed that we trusted God with our whole heart was presented myself and a group of believers. Out of the group of 20 or so I was the only one to eagerly answer "I do!"

It felt awkward to look around and see my classmates ponder the question as if they had only considered the question for the first time at that very moment.

It had seemed all to obvious an answer to me...but what if it weren't obvious?

How do you know if you trust God with your whole heart?

Trusting God means relying on His integrity, strength, ability, commandments and promises.

When things go right in your life do you give God the praise?

When things go wrong in your life do you seek Gods direction?

Before you make decisions do you commune with the Lord?

Are you focused on pleasing God above all else?

All of these and many more are indications of a person who trusts God with their whole heart. Trusting the Lord with your whole heart is not determined by finding the difference between the number of times that you have listened to the Lord and the number of times that you didn't.

Trusting the Lord with your whole heart is making a decision to follow the Lord no matter what.

While you are trusting the Lord you will still mess up and make wrong decisions. You will think you heard God say do this and you did that. Nevertheless, continue to trust Him. Be strong and courageous and TRUST HIM. Be bold in your faith. Stand fast upon his word and TRUST HIM.

Be encouraged!

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  1. I love this post! Everything you said was so true and Lord help me but it wasn't until this past year that I have learned to truly trust in the Lord with my whole heart. It feels so wonderful and sadly, I never knew how little I placed trust in God before this last year.

    It is such a beautiful place to be in isn't it?



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