Friday, August 14, 2009

Return Unto the Lord

In a misguided quest to be the perfect wife and mother, we have become blindsided to the true purpose of our calling. We are called to demonstrate a Christ-likeness in our behavior and speech.

Our ability to be perfect is unrealistic and unobtainable.

We cannot be perfect but we can be loving, kind, patient, faithful and obedient to God. What do people see in you?

Do they see you as loving, honest, patient and forgiving person? Do they see fairness in your stern judgment?

Perhaps they see hypocrisy and bitterness.

Are we demostrating a true image of who Christ is? In order to be a true example of Christ we must have a true relationship with God. Our end goal cannot be worldly ideals of perfection.

A true relationship begins with time spent daily in the presence of the Lord. Our relationship with God is unlike any other we will ever experience. We need to spend time with God to become better people. There is no other relationship that is able to refresh, strengthen, direct and encourage us like our relationship with God.

We can seek these benefits in our relationships with our spouses, or in the hours on the phone with our friends. We can imagine that we have grasped those benefits of time spent with God, in the time we spend staring into the eyes of our infant children. However, what we get from these experiences can never replace what we gain from time spent with God.

What are we seeking when we spend time with HIM?

1~Knowledge of who He is
2~Knowledge of who we are
3~Understanding of the purpose and plan for our life
4~A mirror in which to view our actions and thoughts
5~Direction for discipling our children

I remember when I used to nag my husband about not reading any books other than the Bible. I would read Christian self help books, devotionals, study guides and commentaries. I would read novels, literature, historical fiction and non-fiction alike. I thought that due to his lack of literary knowledge that my husband would grow old and not know a thing about the world.

But oh..that God was so mindful of me to bless me with such a wonderful and wise husband. I have come full circle only to learn that if there were only one book that I could have in the world, it would be my bible.

The holy text holds the answers to everything that we need. Therefore we must spend daily quiet time in Gods word. We must carry on a continual conversation with God.

It’s o.k. to talk to God while you do your homekeeping or while you are at work. We must store His word in our hearts by meditating on scripture. Finally, we must put away they busyness that keeps us from pursuing a relationship with God.

If you were to ask my children what is the most important relationship in my life they will tell you that “nobody comes before God”. There should be nothing more important than your time with God. It has to be a priority. I could never be an example of Christ without spending time with God.

No amount of time spent with God will make me a perfect Christian. What the time does do, is grants me to humbleness of mind to admit when I have sinned and fallen short of Gods glory. It reminds me that I am not my children’s Lord and savior. It reminds me that I am a joint heir to the throne of Christ with my children. It reminds me of my desperate need for a relationship with the Lord.

Make a commitment today to renew your relationship with Christ. Take the steps needed to clear your plate and re-prioritize your focus. Desire not be perfect but to be HIS.

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  1. I have a phrase I often use and strive to practice - to live Christ-controlled.

    Good word! May God bless you for blessing me.


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