Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Outdoors

Today was a convenient day the write a mosquito magnet review. There was enough heat in the earlier part of the day and then enough rain later in the day.

The southeast has been plagued with rain for the past week. The wet land in the south lends itself to the perfect mosquito breeding conditions. My biggest concern with the large concentration of mosquito's in this area are the chances of contracting the West Nile virus. I have tried using bug repellents and bug lights, but I have not had much success at spending an afternoon outdoor mosquito free.

I don't know if I am ultra sensitive, but one bite from a mosquito is enough to keep me up at night. The littlest contact with the stung area causes me to go into a fit of scratching that leaves the area burning.

I have heard about products like the "Mosquito Magnet" which is designed to trap thousands of mosquito's throughout the summer months. But are products like these worth their weight in gold?

Mosquitos are definitely on my list of things that spoil a summer day. I would love for you to share ideas on how you deal with mosquito's?


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