Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bathroom Cleaning

I was asked a question regarding my bathroom cleaning routine a while ago that I did not get a chance to answer. The question was, "Do you deep clean your bathroom everyday?"

I'd like to make it clear that my home is not always in tip top shape. Nor do I spend my days wiping and tidying. If you stop by at the wrong day of the week you may find clothes sitting in a basket waiting to be folded from 2 days ago.

I do however have a set cleaning routine that helps me stay on track with keeping my home neat and clean. I also have a general routine that I follow after returning from a vacation, after a couple of days of attending to a sick child or any situation that takes me away fro my normal homemaking routine.

I don't deep clean my bathroom everyday. I do however disinfect something in my bathroom almost everyday. I am able to do this very easily and it's almost as quick as pouring a glass of water.

I keep small homemade cleaning clothes, cut from a large beach towel that was stained, under the bathroom sinks in my home. I also keep a spray bottle filled with 80%/20% mix of Lysol and water under there as well.

Whenever I get the urge, I just spray one item in my bathroom and wipe it off. I try to remember what I wiped last but, sometimes I just look around for visible dirt. I look for signs like food stained hand prints or the layer of lint that settles on the toilet bowl tank from our bath towels.

On the days when I don't see any visible dirt, I spray the toilet bowl and swish.

I choose to clean frequently because I don't like to wait until I see evidence of human life in my bathroom. I don't like to see yellow stains on my toilet or floors, nor do I like brown circles under the toilet seat. I don't like toothpaste splatter on the bathroom mirror and I definitely don't like a bathroom that reeks.

If you like a clean bathroom and don't want to hire a maid you'll need to come up with a bathroom cleaning routine that works for you. I would love for you to share some of your tips for keeping your bathroom clean.

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  1. Thank for sharing how you keep your bathrooms fresh and tidy.


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