Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thrift in the Household~Chapters 1-2 Discussion Questions

What do you like about the book so far?

What do you dislike?

What have you read in chapters 1 or 2 that has caused you make some adjustments in your life?

Feel free to make additional comments.


  1. The first 2 chapters were wonderful to read and real eyeopeners too!

    I especially like the proverb:" A woman can throw out with a spoon in the kitchen more than a man can bring in with a shovel" I have realized that every waste in the garbage is something we paid for. Not talking about just food waste but also packaging I paid for it so I need to re-use it is my new motto LOL I washed out several jars and soaked off the labels and as soon as my oven gets fixed I will be making cake in jars! I also realized that I need to buy a better scale to weigh off my ingredients and yes I am, ehum no was, one of those homemakers that throws a bit more raisins in the cake or some more grated cheese on the lasagna. This book made me miss my oven more and more, my oven was my companion in thrift and since she died on me I have to do it all alone! I cannot turn old bread into breadpudding or cinnamontoasts, I can't make left over patatoes into a veggie oven roast! I think end of february I will have saved enough to have her fixed! So exited LOL
    Dh read through the chapters and it was a eyeopener for him too all the things I have been "nagging" about all of a sudden had a meaning and he understood where I was coming from. I want to freeze all left over for dinner in portion plates this way there are always homemade tv dinners in the freezer. He always convinces me that he is going to eat the left overs for lunch the next day but he never does!! We all know that once food was in the fridge you cannot simply freeze it so it's wasted and thrown away! He promised not to do this again and I convinced him that if he took one of the frozen meals to work and popped it in the microwave it would be just as good and no waste.

    Thanks again Hadias for introducing this book and for starting the bookclub!

  2. I enjoy the proverbs from the book as well Chayil. I am glad to here that your husband is reading along as well.

    It really does save money to put those meals into the freezer. They never go to waste that way. They do actually become like a freezer meal.

    I am glad to know that you are enjoying the book.

    I think that I may have confused some participants, because they are posting their responses on proverbswife. Anyhow be sure to head on over if you want to read thier responses. Just look under the topic bookclub.

  3. Thank you for this. I've never participated in anything like this. I found this book to be truly eye-opening. I'm going to enjoy the challenge of learning more as the weeks go by.


  4. Like others, the first few chapters really drove home for me what a waste of money (and work) comes from food waste. sigh, I know what I need to work on!

  5. Sorry, I'm just now commenting.

    I've been thinking about some of the things from chapters one and two but haven't figured out exactly how to put them into practice, yet.

    One thing is what everyone else mentioned: The wife can throw out more with a spoon than the husband can bring in.

    The other is the idea that you should avoid what you think are cost-saving measures that end up costing you more in the long run. That's not exactly how the author worded it, but that's the gist of what I got out of it.

    One place I need to stop waste is in leftovers or produce that doesn't get used when I think it will. Now that it's just dear hubby and myself, I still have a tendency to plan and cook as if the kids were still at home.


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