Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unwanted Holiday Guest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Victor® Rodent Control. All opinions are 100% mine.

As we prepare their homes for the holidays, we want to be sure to make presentable the things that our guest sees and perhaps the things they do not see. Some of us may have family coming in town to stay between now and Christmas, and if you have a bug or rodent problem, there is no better time than now to address the issue.

I do not have a rodent problem, but I can remember growing up in NYC and rodents being a part of everyday life. The purchase of snap traps, glue traps, mouse bait and pellets were a regular part of my family’s household maintenance expenses.

Just a week ago, I advised a friend on how to get rid of an annoying rodent he had at his place. I gave him some De-con which he place inside of a piece of bread rolled into a ball. He set the ball out before bed, hoping to rid himself of the problem. He awoke only to find the bread gone and the pellets sitting on the counter top.

After calling me back to say that the plan did not work, I advised him to crush the pellets into a fine powder and to mix them into to bread. He set the bait out again and headed off to bed. He awoke to find a dead rat a few feet from where he had set the bait.

Whether you have a bug or rodent problem this is the time to get a handle on it. The bad part about using a poisonous product like De-con is that it is not safe around pets and children. The other drawback is that you will need to dispose of the rodent carcass if it dies before making it out of your house.

I had never heard of ultrasonic rodent repellents before and came across a demo that explained how ultrasonic repellents work. The makers of Victor Pest products claim that the repellents emit high frequency sound waves designed to repel rodents from entering your home. The website a variety of repellent coverage ranges based upon the size of your home.

The main reason for rodent problems is due to homes that offer them food and shelter. Some tips on how to rodent proof your home found at are…

  • Keep your house clean. This especially includes the areas that you cannot see such as under the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher.

  • Put away food. Do not leave any food or water out over night. If you have, pets be sure to clean out their dishes each night before bed. If you have a pantry, consider repackage certain items in plastic or metal containers.
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