Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chapter 1 Review~Sarah Edwards

How many of have complained about the long hours that our husbands work in order to provide a living for our families?

How many times have we grumbled about him not helping out around the house?

Let us look at the life of Sarah Edwards who spent her life serving her husband without complaint and use that to help compel us to transform our minds. Sarah Edwards reared eleven children, kept the home, was a help meet to her husband and opened her home to many guest. Yet they all speak of her highly saying things such as "She was clothed with meekness and humility". Her husband is "known in the gates" for allowing God to use Him for his service. Her children grew to be respectful pillars of the community.

Are you striving to be a women who can be spoken highly of? Not for your own prideful self-fulfillment but to big glory to God while her on this earth.

What an awesome legacy to leave behind. I can only hope that those that I have come to contact with would speak so passionately of my memory.


  1. Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful book! We must be faithful as when we are in His presence will we know our place in His plan!

  2. I was humbled to read of what this woman was able to acheive and look forwards to reading further.Gill.

  3. This was a beautifully inspiring chapter for me as well. To see Sarah support her husband and raise her children to love and serve the Lord is amazing.


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