Monday, August 11, 2008

Chapter 1 Questions

What do you like about chapter one so far?

What do you dislike about chapter one so far?


  1. What I like about chapter 1...

    When I first began chapter 1 I thought to myself "boy is this going to be a boring chapter".

    Having read one of the following chapters I continued reading knowing that they are not all like this one. (I know because I have previously read one of the following chapters and it is so inspiring.)

    I am so glad that I contiuned reading more of chapter one. The story of John and Sarah's courtship is a beautiful one. When he describes his attraction to her it makes my heart beat faster.

    This is the courtship that I desire for my children. They way that John distracts himself with math to keep his mind from impure thoughts is a character that any women being courted would desire in a man.

  2. I'm just now getting started. I enjoyed the chapter on Sarah Edwards. I have read about her life before. I've always been impressed with the study that contrasts the legacy of her and her husband's family with that of the other family, whose legacy was a sad one. Of course, the measure the study used of success was in terms of stable and productive earthly lives, but it's inspiring to think that God can work through your family to leave a spiritual legacy.


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