Friday, February 15, 2008

Discussion Questions for Chapters 12-14

1. Tell me what you think about this statement from chapter 13 page 198.

Meat is a stimulant, and only outdoor workers should eat it oftener than once a day. Autointoxication is caused by excessive meat-eating.

2. Chapter 14 focuses on meat and what can be done with a small amount of it.

Imagine that you were to look in your fridge to find only a cup (8 oz.) of meat. Tell us what type of meat would it be and what dinner meal would you prepare from it?

Also, please tell us how many people you are responsible for feeding.


  1. I agree that many people do eat too much meat but I would say that how often rather depends upon how much. I give my 3 children a single slice of ham or salami in their lunchtime sandwich and will cook a meat dinner 4 days out of 7. The other 3 days are meat-free or fish.

    With 8oz ham I would make a large omelette to feed the 5 of us, with potatoes, mushrooms and cheese added. With 8 oz cooked chicken I would make filled pancakes ( chopped chicken and onion in a white sauce) with a green salad.

  2. Sorry I forgot to add my name! That was from Gill:)


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